Don’t Wait to be Rescued

If only I could meet the right person, then I’d be happy.  If only a head-hunter would call me and find me a better job.  As soon as I figure out where I’m going to live this fall, I can relax a little.  Once I’m back in shape I can go back to the gym.  (Don’t laugh I’ve heard that last one before!)

All of these carry a message of things are not perfect right now.  Stop sending that message!  Don’t even think it!  You already know it will send you on a downward spiral of thoughts, so don’t feed that part of your brain because it doesn’t serve you.

You are right where you need to be, right now.  You are perfect, right now.  Instead of thinking about all these things which you don’t have that would make you happier if they miraculously appeared, focus on who you are being at this moment in time.  When you are truly living in your essence, and in this moment, miraculous things come to you anyway.  If you don’t believe this right now, then instead I encourage you to examine if you’re really living in your essence.This is a lot of what I do as a coach.  I reflect to people when they leave their essence without realizing it.  The result is more and more time in their essence until their entire life feels like one big miracle.

Don’t wait for some outside source to rescue you, because you are already perfect as you are.

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