Have Gratitude

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful.  What most of us might not know is that gratitude is a muscle.  Every time you work it out, it gets stronger, and more ready to appear.  Spend time every single day being thankful.  Spend more time than is natural, because muscles grow bigger when they’re worked on specifically.

Start anywhere on the gratitude scale and build from there.  Be thankful that your eyes work and you can read this.  Be thankful that you’re alive.  Be thankful that nothing is in too much pain today, because if it was you’d probably be thinking about that.  And starting from here, roll into many other things.  Watch as your entire life becomes more filled with gratitude because the muscle is just that big. 

Once your entire life is filled with gratitude, what do you think would be possible then?


2 thoughts on “Have Gratitude

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