Don’t Be Overwhelmed by Work

One thing we learn in coaching is called healthy priorities.  Essentially you are to take care of things in this order:  Self, Spouse, Work, Family, Friends.

The point here is not to be selfish, it is to do things in integrity.  If you are not taken care of, then taking care of your spouse or your work will not be done in integrity.  Think of that chart on the airplane where you must do your own mask first, even with your children next to you.  

Another corollary of this is that work should not take over your life.  Maybe you’ve got a lot to do, but you still must take care of yourself.  Interestingly Obama stresses this when asked, and even if your work is very important and demanding, with all due respect I’m guessing he’s got you beat.  

Set aside 30-60 minutes every day, or more, to exercise, get a massage, cook a healthy meal, something which is directly taking care of yourself.  The time lost isn’t actually lost, and it will make your worktime more effective anyway.  It’s a good exercise in planning and time management too.  


One thought on “Don’t Be Overwhelmed by Work

  1. I really like this entry! Its so easy to make outside activities (work, parents, friends etc) a priority and let your own physical and mental health go by the wayside. This one hits home for me, thank you for sharing!

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