What’s Your Story?

Last night I went to something called Stoop Storytelling (.com).  Baltimore has it, I’m guessing lots of other cities have something very similar.  People had 5 to 10 minutes to go up there and just tell a story.  These things tend to have themes, last night was “Anything Related to Hopkins Medicine” but I’ve seen everything from “Restaurant Stories” to “Holiday Highs and Lows” to “Stories about Birthing”  (which I’m sure was good but I skipped).  

My challenge for you today is to really think, what’s your story?  Forget about theme, just get a clear picture in your mind about exactly what story you’d tell if you were to be in front of hundreds of people and you want to inspire them, make them laugh, keep them on the edge of their seat, or all of the above.  Everyone has a story, what’s yours? 


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