Are You a Fish in Water?

Context is a lens with which you look through the world, everything you see is through your context at that time. One of the things we do as coaches is help people see that they are often coming from a context that is not serving them. Maybe it’s “nobody wants to love me” or “I don’t know how to run a business” or the one that used to be mine “it’s my only option”. Much like a fish who doesn’t even know he’s in water because he’s never, ever been out of it, you may not even realize how limiting your view is.

With the context you have, you very well might only have one option. But what if you change the way you think? What if a coaches reflection helped you realize that you were a fish who has rarely left the water, and leaving was filled with possibilities? Are you willing to see what’s on the other side of that wall? New relationships, new career, new level of health, all might be right there for you on the other side of that wall.

If you feel stuck about anything in your life, if anything you want feels impossible, then that’s when to call me. Over time those walls get broken down, the way you think will be different, and your life can change. It all starts with awareness.


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