What You Can’t Be With

Think of a person who really bothers you, someone who really gets under your skin with certain actions, we all have one. Whether it’s someone who is super attractive and popular, the perennial kiss-up, or someone who is aspiring to be just like Steve Urkel, we all have somebody. (Apparently I’m dating myself by mentioning Steve Urkel!)

Today I’m going to tell you that what you can’t be with in someone else says more about you than it does about them. I’m sure they really are doing things which are annoying or disruptive, but why is it really getting under your skin? Take a step back, and truly decide what it’s saying about you. Which part of your survival mechanism is being magnified by them?

Once you figure this out, be thankful for the awareness, and go on about your day. (If you’re feeling really noble, actually thank the person for helping you realize something important about you!) And know that you are not alone, everyone has somebody that will get under their skin like this, the difference is you’ll use it as a lesson about yourself.


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