What is your essence?

When you’re truly in the moment, present, acting like yourself without effort, who are you? What would your best friends say that you bring into a room? That is what we call your essence. Imagine if 90% of your life was spent there, being exactly who you want to be. What would be different? Who would be out of your life that’s currently in? What would you be doing that you’re not doing now? And perhaps the best question of all, what do you want that currently seems impossible that might become available if you think differently?

Coaching helps you learn what your essence is, and then we make sure you stay there. That’s how a once-and-for-all transformation can occur. That’s how your life changes forever. Instead of waking up in a few years saying “how did I get HERE?” we want you to wake up and say “I’m so excited because I chose this.”

Are you ready to live in your essence? Do you know what your essence is? Work with me and you can find out.


4 thoughts on “What is your essence?

  1. David, I love how your putting yourself out there on wordpress! I look forward to seeing your posts! Im catching back up in my office this week – maybe we can finally do lunch next wk;)

    Talk to u soon Natalie

    …got a coach?

    Natalie A. Cerchio Life and Leadership Coach

    via iPhone

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