Do you Agree or Disagree?

I used to be the type of person where I had to agree or disagree to proceed. If you do something differently than me, one of us is wrong and that had to be figured out, then one of us would likely have to change. And I even thought I was often showing lots of maturity anytime I said “whoops I’m wrong” and changed my ways. How big of me to do that!

Today I’m going to invite you to change your context. Don’t think in terms of “agree” or “disagree” and in fact try not to focus on who is right at any time. Focus on new possibilities. What you’ll find is you never knew how limited your view was when your only choices are to agree or disagree.

If someone says something which really strikes you as wrong, instead of dismissing them and moving on like so many people do, find out what led them to that belief. Take it on as an exercise in your own self growth. That is not saying you have to eventually agree, it’s just saying keep an open mind to hold completely new beliefs. And from that place possibilities are endless.


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