Access Where You’re Weakest

“I can’t do yoga I’m not Flexible”.  That’s the number one thing I always hear from people who don’t practice.  The “standard” answer you’ll hear from teachers is that you practice yoga to become flexible, but I’m going to give you a different answer.  Poses are designed to stimulate different muscle groups, to access them and touch them in ways that may not happen in your daily life.  This accessing leads to stimulation, which in turn leads to activation and regeneration.  So if you’re not flexible, all it means is that you won’t have to go as far to get this stimulation.  More flexibility will come with time, but it’s not your ultimate goal.  Your goal is to truly access as many muscle groups as you can.

As always, we like to ask how yoga applies to other parts of your life.  Does something give you resistance as soon as you access it?  Does something specific seem very difficult for you when it seems easy for almost everyone else?  I encourage you to really access whatever it is, and see what happens when you activate. Much like if an entire class is touching their toes when you can only touch your knees, you stand to get the greatest benefit out of everyone.

When you access where you’re weakest, you get a huge benefit by just being present there.


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