But They’re a Really Good Friend!

I don’t often post about content, as coaches we look for context.  Today I’m going to break that rule a little bit.  I’m hearing this all the time:  “My ex broke up with me but I really want to stay friends and so do they.  I want to keep them in my life but it hurts me that it’s not happening anymore.”

If this sounds like you, then my first answer is you’re not acting in integrity to yourself.  If you want something to happen, and you’re forcing a different type of relationship in the meantime hoping THEY will make this something happen, then you are not being in integrity to yourself.  You are letting your life come to you, not creating it.  

My second answer is going back to context, I want to ask what are you getting out of this?  When someone does something that’s clearly coming from a victim standpoint, whether it’s complaining constantly, vowing that today won’t be that bad, or waiting for someone else to make things better for them, there is some survival mechanism inside them that’s getting rewarded.  As coaches we find it, make you aware you’re doing it, and then you’re able to move on and stop letting other people control your life.  Pretty cool stuff :).


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