I wanted to share a breakthrough I saw with a client.  They are currently working “just pay the bills” jobs that really are demanding and time-consuming.  Meanwhile this person has a whole vision of a certain type of network, where writers in a similar genre will publish articles together and help each others business by sharing followers.  They already have several people on board but continue to do nothing.  This repeated for two straight weeks.

I asked them to visualize that place where they truly had that up and running and then said what do you see there.  Their answer was just one word, and that word was purpose.  So clearly stated yet so meaningful.  The following week they finished their web page and they’re already building a network.

Next time you have a goal which means a lot but for whatever reason you keep putting off, put yourself in that future place.  Truly visualize yourself there and decide who you are being in that place.  Then see if the motivation is there, I bet you it will be. 


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