Setting Goals

I had a request this week to write about setting goals.  In particular, how do we define what our goal or purpose is?  Today I will fulfill that request. 

First of all, make sure that these goals are worth it  In a previous post I wrote about how someone who wanted to hold crow pose for 10 seconds instead of 4 seconds.  Sure that’s nice, but I’m talking more about goals that when met will really make your entire life better.  So above all else, make sure it’s something that is really worth spending all this time on.

We use what are called SMART criteria.  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound.  So in other words you need it to be something that is very well-stated, it needs to be something you can say “yes I’ve done it” when it’s done, it has to be something that’s possible (although feel free to really push your boundaries), relevant kind of goes with what I wrote above, and time-bound means you can’t take forever to get there.

So for example if your goal was “be more healthy” then that’s a good start.  But to make it measurable maybe it’s “lose 10 pounds and 3% body fat” or something along those lines.  Relevant might be “able to pull my child on a bike ride.” 

Now get to setting goals!  I know I have mine for this year.  What are yours?


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