Do you have judgments?  Are there people who you see make certain choices, and you immediately think “oh well that’s because they’re ____” where the blank is something definitely not good? 

Here’s an exercise, for the next week write down every time you feel a judgment come into your head.  Don’t worry no one has to see it (write it in a safe place!) this is just for your own exercise.  Then I want you to go through each one and truly think about what this judgment is holding you back from.  

While you’re stuck thinking about someone else’s choice that you have very little knowledge of, and no control over, what else could you be doing instead?  What if I told you that those thoughts are keeping your mind in a box, while the best things in life happen outside of this box?  Are you willing to leave this box, even just for a little bit, to see what’s out there?   This box, by the way, is commonly known as a comfort zone.  

Be aware when you hold judgments.  They certainly aren’t helping you, and they just might be holding you back. 


2 thoughts on “Judgments

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