Celebrate your Milestones

When setting goals, there should always be milestones along the way.  Some are easy to pick out, like if you’re trying to get a new career then the first promising interview is a great one.  If you’re trying to lose 30 pounds then maybe it’s the first 10.  If your goal is to be in a happy relationship I’m sure you can find a milestone along the way too :). 

Whatever the case may be, make sure you make time and effort to reward yourself.  It doesn’t have to be huge, maybe you’re just going for ice cream, or getting a massage, or taking a nice long nature hike.  Do not tell yourself you’re not the type of person to celebrate, or you don’t deserve it yet until ALL the work is done, because anyone can be the type and I contend that the work will never ALL be done.

Celebrating milestones helps you succeed even more, and leads to even more focus on your own goals.  


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