Take Care of Yourself

Do you spend most of your day doing things for other people? Maybe your family, or your job, or some organization, but it’s mostly not for you? It’s totally fine to be of service, but the reminder today is that you are not in integrity if this costs you your own health or well-being.

Exercise. Eat well. Have fun! Meditate. Come to my yoga class tonight! Set aside time each day for your own benefit, whatever time that is it needs to be done. People will respect it if you say “I can’t right now I have to take care of myself.” Do NOT avoid saying something like this out of fear that it won’t be accepted. Anyone who doesn’t accept this doesn’t deserve your service.

Don’t let your body make the decision for you that you need to rest, eat better, exercise, spend less time at work, stop spending all your time serving others, etc.. Your body tends to tell you in a much more dramatic way than a blog post does :).


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