Don’t Rely on Text

Communication is not meant to be done over email or text.  We as humans are created to interact with each other.  How much do you get out of being with a person instead of just by writing?

More important than words is the context from which it comes, and this usually doesn’t come across in a text.  (I feel like there’s some joke I could make here about how there is “text” in “context” but I digress.)  I’ve heard a few stories just this week about mishandled communication, and in each case it turns out the communication was mostly done over text. 

Have lunch.  Have a beer.  Go for a nature walk. Pick up your phone and call, believe it or not your phone is made for more than just texting.  Go for a bike ride.  Shop!  And never assume it is heard correctly if it is only over written words.  


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