Follow Through On Your Commitments

Did you commit to something big?  Either to yourself, to someone else(s), to your job, or some combination of these?  If it was something big, i.e. if it was something really worth doing, then it won’t always be easy.  There will be times where you talk yourself out of it, times where there is some big hurdle and in your mind you say “well I didn’t really want to do it anyway”.  This is normal for everyone.

What’s not normal for everyone is how you react.  Some people will give up.  Sure we were going to run a marathon together but I got a toe blister, it’s a sign that I am doing the wrong thing.  Yes I was going to be on the team but it is keeping me from all the good sales at Costco.  Thoughts like this are also known as a downward spiral.  You don’t have to take part.  

If you cared enough to make a commitment, then you care enough to see it through, even as obstacles come up.  Especially as obstacles come up.  Don’t be a person who submits to obstacles, be a successful person instead. 


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