Break The Walls Down

Everyone has things in their past.  We’ve all been treated unfairly at times, things didn’t go our way, or we lost someone important to us.  Letting those things affect our actions now is a choice that we don’t have to make.  Of course you’re allowed to be sad about a loss (see Tuesday’s post!).  The sadness always gets better with time, and possibly therapy if needed, provided you allow yourself to experience it.  

Where it really hurts us is when we put walls up.  When we say “no because this person hurt me in the past I’m not capable of an amazing relationship” or “I failed at my last job so I will fail at the next one” that’s when we’re really damaging our ability to be our best and highest self. 

Now you can see yet another great reason to hire a coach!  Find the walls when they are reflected to you, break them down, and move forward.  Have that relationship of your dreams instead of one that is just ok.  Get the job which makes you happy.  Or whatever your dreams may be.  


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