Recognize Why You Are Scared

Sometimes an opportunity comes which seems just too good to be true.  Maybe it’s a job where every condition of satisfaction is met and it pays you more than others.  Maybe it’s a relationship where the person is super special and they make you feel new and special in a way that you never even knew you could feel with someone else.

Your first inclination may be to be scared.  Your instinct may have you try to throw it all away, or maybe it will have you seek small faults to “justify” that it’s not so good anyway.  “Yes I know they seem perfect but there was that hike 2 months ago and their feet smelled a little afterward.  I can’t be with that.”  This inclination is also what often leads to professional athletes getting in legal trouble, or someone pushing away the person who they eventually fall happily in love with forever.  It seems like crazy behavior, but it’s surprisingly common.  

Recognize when you are scared.  When something comes that’s truly as good as you ever wanted, or even better than that, welcome it, appreciate it, and think real hard before you decide to throw it away forever.  And if you do decide to throw it away, hopefully you’ll get a chance to revisit the decision when you come to your senses. 

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