The Last Rung is the Toughest To Let Go

Whatever processes you’re a part of, there’s a lot of steps.  Maybe you’re drastically changing careers, so it’s an unknown process how you’re going to begin to find a new job.  Maybe you’re leaving a relationship that was mostly comfortable and you don’t know what the next one will possibly bring, you just know it will be very different.

Today I’m here to tell you a few things.  First of all it’s all perfect, as humans we are naturally trained to not just let go of everything, hoping something unknown will break our fall.  We naturally put up barriers in our head that don’t really exist to keep us from making such leaps.  This is good if it’s stopping us from jumping off a cliff, bad if it’s keeping us in a career which is making us unhappy.

Second, the leap is totally worth it.  If you’re thinking of letting go of something you have which is comfortable at best, in favor of something amazing, you need to do it.  That’s living life at its finest. Third, when you let go, you truly and honestly need to let go. No clinging onto the last rung until you see what develops, that’s like going skydiving, taking the jump, then hanging onto the plane for dear life.  You’d be better off staying in the plane until it lands than doing that.

The last rung is the toughest to let go.  But it’s the best one.  


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