Coming From Your Heart or From Your Head?

When you’re in a certain place or with a certain person that your heart approves of, it’s very clear.  You smile big.  You feel warm.  You’re almost buzzing with happiness.  Your body lets you know things are right.  On the other hand when you’re coming from your head, it’s a much different sensation.  Things seem logical, your mind tries to make sense of them and you spend a lot of time justifying yourself.  Sure you might feel comfortable at best for now, but this type of position is where things don’t work for long.

Too often I see people find something, or someone, for which their heart fully approves, then step back because their head feels otherwise.  They’ll usually give a list of reasons why it’s the right decision, in reality justifying to no one except themselves.  I’ve written a few posts lately about WHY your head may do this to you, but the point of today’s post is a plea to all my readers to follow your heart.

If something is right in front of you and your heart is telling you it’s for you, follow it!  If your heart is telling you to follow a different path then you are, follow it!  Your heart has a tendency to know what’s best for you.  Even if somehow it’s eventually the “wrong” decision, I’d contend you still did the right thing by following your heart, you still did something that you’ll be thankful for years down the road.  

Learn to recognize if you’re coming from your heart or your head.  (A coach can very much help with this!)  Once you make this realization, please, please follow your heart.  If that’s the only thing you ever take from being my reader, then this entire blog has been a success for me as well.  

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