Essence is Where You Create

Today I’m a little inspired writing because I’m going to see Sting in concert tonight (horray!).  To help me “prepare” I found a page with all of his lyrics.  Looking through it I see many songs about being in love, many songs about life, and a few songs that were written after something or someone left his life for good.  There’s a song about how much he misses his kids after a divorce, another about accepting that she has a “new man”, and many others which are about less-than-happy topics.

Obviously we wish that people we love are with us forever.  Unfortunately that’s not reality, I received a very sad reminder of this myself recently.  But just because you lose, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your essence.  Leaving your essence is a choice you make yourself, and you are allowed to choose to stay.

It’s ok to be sad, it’s ok to miss someone who left your life, it’s ok to choose whatever you want.  Please don’t ever think otherwise, whatever choice you make is ok.  But next time you’re really sad, I challenge you feel it but to stay in your essence, just like Sting.  Keep doing what you’re doing, maybe even use it to fuel you for whatever it is you’re doing.  Plan a new excursion, paint a picture, take a trip, write a blog (blog is always a great choice!), but stay in your essence. 

And by the way, if you need help recognizing your essence, getting back into it, or staying in it when times are tough, that’s a great reason to hire me as a coach.  Essence is your natural state when you control your own life, essence is where you create, make the choice to stay there. 

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