It is Always Acceptable to Take a Break

No matter how hard or often you work, it is always important to rest your brain and step away.  These steps away keep you refreshed but can also keep your context focused when you are working.  Short breaks are always good, maybe you take a 10 minute walk, or an hour massage, or go for a day of fishing.  Long breaks are also important, true vacations where you don’t think about work, do not ever underestimate their value. 

When you need a vacation, take one.  Don’t feel guilty about leaving, don’t worry about your job, truly take the break you need.  Your job needs to respect that you are acting in integrity with yourself in taking this vacation, otherwise you are not able to respect healthy priorities. Don’t spend your vacation thinking about work, spend it NOT thinking about work.  Spend it resting your brain, living in the moment.  Whatever it is you’re doing enjoy it as much as possible, and come back refreshed.

As you may have guessed by now, this post is timed today because I’m about to take a vacation myself.  I won’t be thinking about work, or coaching, or blogging, only being in the moment and truly living every minute of what should be a fabulous vacation.  Anyone who wants to reach me for non-work reasons is welcome to email, or I should have Skype on at night.  

It is always acceptable to take a break.  Do not forget to do it!


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