Choose Excitement Not Fear

I’m back from a lengthy vacation!  I hope my readers missed me a little :).  It was hard to not write the entire time I was gone, but I stuck to my promise to take a real break.  Meanwhile I have lots of inspiration for new posts. For today, first give this a quick look Yes, that is me on vacation this week.

When I took off, I had no idea where I was going or where it would end. I only knew that it was better to choose to be excited than to be afraid. Being afraid only means that I will not enjoy it, and the video probably would have been no good either.

Whatever you are undertaking, maybe you’re newly single, or newly unemployed, or moving far away, or having a child, or starting a business. I am sure every one of my readers has something, big or small, that they are doing which ventures into the unknown. It doesn’t matter why you are there or how you got there, all that matters is who you are being from here. Today I’m going to remind you it is your choice to be afraid or be excited, so please, choose to be excited! You’ll enjoy the ride more, and the results will most likely be better.

Choose excitement not fear, without worrying about the past. It’s always your choice, and it’s usually the best option.


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