What Are Your Blue Feet?

Today’s title is a little different but I was just so inspired by my trip to the Galápagos Islands.  Blue-footed boobies are magnificent birds which we watched swoop down and pick up fish effortlessly, and they also have blue feet. These birds who inherited the trait generations later don’t even realize what a gift they have. To them it’s normal to have feet which blend in with the surroundings.

As you’re probably guessing by now, there’s an analogy here. I contend that everyone in the world has “blue feet” of some sort. Everyone has something that is almost like a superpower to everyone else, but is normal for them. Maybe it’s how you deal with a certain type of stressful situation, maybe it’s your memory, or your ability to fix things, or your ability to light up any room, or to easily solve complicated math problems in your head.

My challenge for all of you today, really think about what it is that you have, and then think about how you got it. Don’t be afraid to ask close friends to reflect to you, much like today’s blue-footed boobies don’t even realize they have a gift, you might not either. What is your gift?  Were you born with it? Did it develop early in childhood, and if so do you remember any event which caused it? Did you work hard to create it in adulthood? It’s a really neat topic and a great way to get to know yourself in a whole new way. Have fun with it and feel free to leave your answers as comments!



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