Respect the Process of Others

In my visit to Galapagos Islands, I watched a lot of turtles walking around, and for the most part they move SLOW. (Probably not news to anyone.) When they make a decision to walk from where they are to the water 50 feet away, it takes them half an hour. We also learned during our tour that they CAN move really fast, pretty much as fast as they want, they clearly make the choice to move slower.

We all know people who are going through processes. Maybe it’s a breakup or divorce, or moving on from the wrong job, or a project at work. Unless there is a hard deadline, respect the time they are taking. Never, ever say things like “you should be past that by now,” in fact don’t ever think it. What you are really saying in that case is “if you were going through this with my context, then you would have done it much faster,” but you just don’t know exactly what anyone else is going through. Just like the turtle walking, they chose their pace for their reasons, and it is not your place to try to change their decision. Let them know you are there with your love, and respect the time they are taking. That’s all you can ever do.

Respect the process of others. You’ll never know their exact context.



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