What Are You Passing

Cameras can focus on one thing, and in the process will lose focus on others.  We’ve all seen pictures that are perfect on one thing in front but blurry elsewhere.  I contend that we do a lot of this ourselves as people.  We can enter a room, see one person, and everyone else is faded away, barely even noticed.  We can be up against a deadline and not even really think about everything else we do in that time.  We can be so caught up in one opportunity, or often one already-missed opportunity, that we don’t see several others which passed by. 

There are times when this is good.  Sometimes, someone really does need our full attention, and it is a real gift to give it.  Other times this is definitely not the case.  Think about slowing down.  Notice what you are passing.  Appreciate everything, have gratitude for it.  Don’t be a digital camera that can only focus on one thing, we were given too many gifts as human beings to be that limited. 



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