You Need to Get Complete

Everyone has things in their past that ended less than favorably. Relationships, jobs, excessive drinking episodes, bad purchases, and dozens of others, they all exist. My question today is what are you feeling about them?

Completion is the act of moving past. Maybe you gave your heart to someone and they disregarded you. You’re perfectly allowed to be hurt for a long time when this happens, but eventually to move on you need to be complete. That person or thing needs to have as much energy in you as last week’s lunch. The more you’re carrying around without being complete, the harder it will be to move forward. We all know what happens when we let our past burden us.

Take the time for completion. As coaches we have lots of such exercises to help with this, but whether you’re working with me or not you need to get yourself there to truly move forward. I promise, the time is better spent here than almost anywhere else.


One thought on “You Need to Get Complete

  1. My only regret with my past would be did I hurt anyone like this. I move on from my past very well and try and make sure that I have left a good impression on those I have come in contact with during the course of my life. I love life and I love people and want to do all I can to be good to them..Deb

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