Impossible to Whom?

Today I got my inspiration from discussions last night about Maccu Picchu.  It’s an entire castle/home/base built at the top of a mountain in Peru.  Not only is the altitude so high that it takes days to even get up there, but the architecture is so good that it has withstood hundreds of years of weather, earthquakes, and now thousands of tourists per day.  The bricks were cleverly engineered in a way that stands up to all of it, hundreds of years ago.  Whatever it was they were protecting up there was completely safe.  Even if an invader somehow got up there, they were still very well defended.  The entire time I was there, the only word I could think was “impossible,” nothing else can describe it.  If I wasn’t walking through it I never would believe it was there.

Maccu Picchu is a great reminder that very few things are impossible in this world.  Most people probably would have never even imagined of such a thing, but someone imagined it and built it, STILL no one knows how they even began to do it.  

How can this apply to life?  Instead of thinking in terms of “what do I know how to do” give a try to “what do I need or want” and go from there.  See how your thoughts change when you come from this place.  That’s when context is much less limiting to your thoughts, and you can begin to imagine things which are truly innovative.  That’s when someone goes from just another castle to something truly indestructible.  That’s when lives start changing, and that’s usually a place to make a pretty good living while you’re at it. 



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