What is Your Relationship to Money?

One thing I learned this weekend is that people’s relationships to money is vastly different.  To some it’s a vehicle to take them places.  To others it’s like a leash, controlling almost everything they do. To others it’s pressure, or freedom, or a long list of other things. This is also another big benefit of traveling, when you are truly immersed in another culture it’s quickly obvious that they usually have completely different views and limitations than we do.

It’s important to realize what your relationship is to money because, much like when we talked about context, your views may be providing limitations of which you aren’t even aware. For example it might have you making decisions from fear, while it was completely unnecessary to do so. No one is right or wrong with their view and I would never try to change it, I just invite you to realize the effects of being aware of your relationship with it.

What is your relationship to money? And how is it affecting your life?

valentine heart shape made by dollars isolated

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