What is it About Rejection?

I was speaking with a friend yesterday who interviewed for a job and didn’t get it.  It was very clear during the interview that it wasn’t the job for her for a number of reasons, but she was still was hurt.  The same thing seems to happen in romance, someone can clearly be completely wrong for you and they’ll end things, and you’re even theoretically better off now, but it still hurts when that rejection happens. 

Clearly the constant factor here is rejection.  Being told you can’t have something, even if you didn’t want it, seems to affect us in a way that’s very negative.  The next time you are feeling hurt, notice if it’s the loss, or if it’s the rejection.  Not that either one is fun, but I contend that the rejection is a little easier to get past once you truly recognize what it is you’re feeling.  If it’s “only” the rejection, it may sting for a bit but it’s ultimately not so bad.  

What is it about rejection that always makes it sting, no matter how trivial?  And the big question of the day, can we eventually choose to not let rejection bother us?  What would be possible then?  


2 thoughts on “What is it About Rejection?

  1. Ha! David, are you watching my life or what?

    This was very much needed and thank you so much for that. My contract with the company that I’ve been working with for the past three months had offered me the opportunity to join their team full-time a month ago. With the opportunity at hand I said that I would love to, but had requested a salary base of what I felt that I am worth. Well, let’s just say that my contract with them ended yesterday according to initial contract and was told that they had reconsidered their offer and will neither extend my contract nor offer me a full-time position due to their current disorganized business plan.

    My stomach was definitely twisted when I received the call. It definitely was that sense of rejection. Was it a lost? At that very moment and still today it seems that it is, but ultimately I really do want to say no because like how I like to say, “Everything happens for a reason.” Not sure what that reason is right now, but I am definitely slowly recovering from the rejection.

    Thanks again!

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