How Do You React to Negativity?

When things happen that are less than favorable, how do you react?  There’s no right or wrong way, but today I’d invite you to truly examine how it is you react.  Do you post something on Facebook hoping others will share in your misery?  Do you call friends hoping you can bring them down with you?  Do you keep it completely to yourself, allowing yourself to get angry while others around you wonder what’s wrong? 

Today I invite you just to notice what your reactions are.  Whatever it is you are doing, however it is you react, notice what it is you do. The reason we want to notice is because it may be an automatic way of being that is not serving us, and we might be completely unaware of it.  Once you are truly aware, then you can ask yourself what it is you get out of this pattern, and if you want to choose to change it.  

How do you react to negativity?  Do you truly know, and if so is it serving you? 


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