Possibility Brings Even More Possibility

Last night I had dinner with a friend who decided to try to follow her dream and become a healer.  It went so much further than that, because as soon as she started thinking of potential places to open a center, or people to work with, more people started appearing.  Potential business partners, a new romantic partner, and suddenly even more opened up, she’s on her way to meeting with the governor regarding something completely different thanks to someone else who helped her start a petition.

While all of this is awesome there’s a lesson for everyone.  That lesson is to live in possibility.  When you limit yourself, regardless of the reason, things can fly right past you and you wouldn’t even notice.  That’s when we say things like “I can’t meet someone” or “I can’t find a good job” instead of taking ownership.  

See the possibility in everyone and everything.  It’s a way of life, and it brings even more.  


One thought on “Possibility Brings Even More Possibility

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