Not Good at Romantic Relationships?

One thing I heard this week was someone telling me they aren’t good at romantic relationships.  My answer to that was along the lines of “well, who is?”  Even if you’re happily married, odds are you had several relationships not work out before the one that ultimately did, so you can maybe claim a 10% success rate.  How can you even define success?  Do your past ones have to end with a strong friendship for it to be a success?  Does it have to last some minimum amount of time before ending?  Is it only a success if you’re the one who ended it?  Is a successful person one who has had a lot of them?  Or not had a lot of them?

My point here is that not only is no one is “good” at romantic relationships, but I don’t even know what it means to be “good” at it.  Instead of thinking in terms of success and failure, think in terms of experiences and growth.  What did you learn from this person?  What growth happened?  What experiences did you share together?  If it lasts forever, great.  If not, that’s great too because it wasn’t meant to be.  Just know that no one out there truly is “good” at it because “good” doesn’t even have a real definition.

Not good at romantic relationships?  Don’t worry, no one is. 


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