Money Carries Energy

Money can be made in very different ways.  If you’re making a dying and not a living, you likely hold your money much more tightly.  If you’re earning money in a way that really makes you happy, then you probably feel great spending it in most places.   The same thing works when you’re spending.  I have a favorite restaurant which is very expensive, but every time I go there, the people and the food are so great that I feel good about the entire evening, even the check.

Notice your feelings as you spend money.  Truly take the time to see how you’re feeling about the transactions, your body sensations and your thoughts.  Then think about where that is coming from.  Find transactions which don’t make you feel good and see if you can do away with them somehow. (I’m looking at you Comcast!)

Money carries energy.  What does it mean to you? 


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