It’s Your Choice To Move On

We’ve all had relationships and jobs that ended less than favorably.  Maybe it was a romantic partner who was less than honest to you, or a job that couldn’t get things straight, or a friend that was never there for you when you were always there for them.  Whatever the reason for moving on, whoever made the actual decision, is virtually irrelevant after the fact.

What is relevant is how you choose to feel.  You have every right to feel hurt, you have every right to feel anything you’d like.  But I ask you to really look to see if you want to continue feeling hurt.  Someone who was irresponsible, not regarding your feelings, and not healthy for you, do you really want to let them derail you?  What if instead you choose to say that someone like that doesn’t deserve to upset you, and move on?  Is that a possible choice?  I would contend that it certainly beats letting yourself get upset over someone who was willing to treat you like this.

It’s your choice to move on.  I strongly urge you to consider making it.


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