What Is Your Body Telling You?

Our bodies have funny ways of trying to tell us things, whether we choose to hear the message or not is our decision. One colleague of mine got laryngitis this week and was unable to speak. Upon further review, it turns out they were going back to speak at their old job, which they left due mainly to unhappiness. Even further, they were frequently sick at the old job, and not sick once in the year since leaving. I had another former colleague who had a stroke at a young age. They were retaining a lot of anger over many things, while frequently playing the victim card, then one day a stroke changed everything.

Our bodies can be more swift and direct, too. My stomach definitely told me quickly to stop eating the chicken wings that were out last night. Similarly it used to sink when I would even drive by a Burger King, way back when I frequently got fast food. Yoga helped me listen to my body quite a bit more, when I’m practicing regularly I get subtle messages loud and clear.

What is your body telling you? The next time you catch a cold, get a stomach ache, or anything, really think about what your body is telling you. Don’t wait until it sends a louder message.


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