Wellness Isn’t a Destination

I hear from a lot of potential clients who have “goals” of wellness. Most commonly, it’s to lose a certain amount of weight, but I see lots of other things too.  Wellness is a great thing to strive for, but I always encourage everyone to instead think of it as a journey.  

Anyone can lose weight.  Change your diet, exercise more, it can always happen.  The question is whether or not your context changes in the process.  Once no one is “watching” you, are you going to go back to your old habits?  If your context doesn’t change, it’s very likely the answer is “yes” no matter how much you want it to be otherwise, it’s why so many people lose weight and then gain it again.  This is one great reason why a coach is so much more effective than a consultant, or a nutrition expert, or whatever the latest diet fad is.  When the context shifts, everything shifts permanently.

And the million-dollar question for the day is also about context.  If you have this context around your own wellness, then you almost definitely have it somewhere else too.  Somewhere else in your life there’s a target you’re trying to reach, when instead shifting your context would likely be the most effective way of being.  This is why clients who hire me end up changing their whole lives for the better, not just losing weight.  

Wellness isn’t a destination, and in fact very few things are.  If you have big dreams you’d like to see come true, it’s time to hire a coach.  


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