Do you Forward Your Bills?

One thing I often see is that people in current relationships often “pay the bill” of previous ones.  If someone cheated on you in your past, then you enter relationships in the future with a strong suspicion that it could be happening now.  A former business partner who double-crossed you can lead you to be too cautious in the next partnership.

You may enter into a new relationship with no idea that you’re paying such a bill for someone else, or conversely that you’re charging one to them.  This is all part of life, we experience things and people every day and everything stays with us somehow. 

Learn to be aware when you’re charging such a bill to someone else.  You may naturally do it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let the person know it’s happening and it’s your stuff not theirs.  Similarly if something doesn’t strike you as right in a new relationship, i.e. if you’re feeling like you’re being accused of things which didn’t even happen, it may serve both of you to find out what’s really happening.

Do you forward your bills?  Have awareness!


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