That Which is Meant to Be

One of the most interesting things I do with any client is an exercise where we truly figure out what their purpose is.  Every person on this planet was born with a purpose.   Something that we were meant to be, and bring out of others around them.  (If you’re wondering, mine is freedom!)  

It usually turns out that as young children, some event stops us from living our purpose.  Something happened, with our parents, or a childhood friend, or a stranger, or a hot stove, and from that day forward we were different.  Usually it’s our first childhood memory, believe it or not.

Nothing in the universe can stop you from living your purpose, except for you.  That which is meant to be will be, as long as you allow it.  As an adult, if/when you truly decide to live your purpose, nothing is going to be able to stop it.

Find out your purpose.  (Work with me on this if you’d like!)  Live it, and nothing will stop you. 


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