Choose Dramatic Words Carefully

We all know people who make lots of things into dramatic situations.  Everything is super-heavy, life needs to stop because a side-view mirror was broken, or the supermarket cashier that didn’t say “thank you” just ruined your entire week and you’ll never shop there again. You are always allowed to feel whatever you want about any situation.  A lot of this blog is dedicated to emphasizing some choices over others, but it’s always still your choice.

Words like “abuse” or “harassment” are very dramatic.  There are times when these words are absolutely worth using, for example if there is actual abuse then you need to say something immediately and be 100% clear about what happened.  If, on the other hand, there is not abuse happening, then be very very careful using such a word.  You never know how it will strike someone else based on anything which may have happened in their past, it also carries very serious implications. 

Choose dramatic words carefully.  Use them seldom if ever, and use them only when they are completely accurate. 


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