Fall In Love With the Process

Very few things happen in this world with just a snap of the fingers.  The things we want take work, take time, there are obstacles. For example say you’re newly single or newly unemployed, there’s a whole process of first “getting over” the last situation, then starting to look for a new one, deciding on a new one, then actually starting the new one, then the whole thing very well could repeat itself.  I’m going through something myself now because I have promised 2 new coaching clients in the month of August.  (In a related story, if you know anyone who might be interested in a sample session please pass their name to me!)  The process of going out to find new clients is not an easy one, as there’s very few people walking on the street who are actively looking to pay for a life coach, but I also realize what a huge difference coaching makes for all of my clients, and I’m taking the process on anyway with every intention of it happening. 

The common theme here is that the process is the enjoyable part.  If you measure your life solely by the number or quality of successes, you’re missing out on counting all the processes where most of your time and energy went.  That’s where you really separated yourself and made things happen, not at the finish line.  If you don’t love the process then I’d argue that there are large parts of your life that you don’t love, and no one wants that.

Fall in love with the process.  It’s where you are truly living.


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