Getting Over an “Ex”

When talking with people lately about possible coaching projects, the most common request I am hearing lately is “I want to get over an ex”.  Why the universe is sending people with these requests to me now is an interesting question for which I have no immediate answer, but that’s not why you’re reading.

Regarding getting over an ex, here is what I would say up front.  It’s a great goal to have and it’s also necessary.  No matter who you find next, if you’re not complete on the past relationship then you’re not fully ready for the next one.  When someone who is such a big part of your life leaves it, the transition can be extremely difficult.  There have been studies which show that a person literally becomes part of your consciousness in ways you might not realize.

All that being said, there’s some great steps to take.  Take care of yourself.  If it’s recent, then maybe for now you need to just make sure you brush your teeth or eat real meals.  Take the time to examine yourself and live in your essence.  As many steps as are needed, big or small, get yourself there.  (This is perhaps the number one reason a coach can help so much.)   Do not just jump to another person thinking you’ll fix everything, no matter who they are this is never the case.  Give yourself a break, forgive yourself for needing time.  And when you’re ready, keep busy.  Do things for yourself both for fun and for your own benefit.  

Getting over an ex is a process that is often difficult, but it can be a great experience to strengthen yourself.  


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