Create a Partnership

Yesterday I was at the Verizon store and was very disturbed by what I saw.  The woman in front of me was very upset.  It sounded like it was something before she got in there, i.e. her phone started failing and the employees didn’t do anything wrong, and she was at the point of yelling.  The extremely patient people at the store were still smiling, apologizing, and helping her as best they could.

While these employees are obviously amazing for handling this like they did, it really got me thinking.  Who wins when you yell at them like that?  Even if whatever went wrong was completely their fault, either they already feel bad enough before you yelling or they don’t, but does yelling make anyone feel better?  What if instead the woman would have just said “I’m upset right now that this is happening and really would like to see it fixed.”  It also made me wonder, did that woman just leave the store and go home to friends and/or family with the same mood, or do you think she acted like it didn’t happen?  

Create a partnership.  Regardless of who is at fault, if anyone, it is likely the best course of action.  A partnership is the most likely way to get help, and it doesn’t fill you with anger. 



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