Respect Their Path

I spoke with someone this week who is very bothered by the current choices of someone from their past.  They claim they are “over” the person but because there’s still love there, and they are making a choice now which is (or at least seems to be) a bad one.  Many of us have loved ones like this, either from our past or our present.  Not only are they on a path headed for hurt, but it is bothering us that we can’t help them “see the light” and get on the right track.  

Today I’m going to ask you to think about respecting their path.  Maybe they really are headed for hurt, but recovering from that hurt will be exactly what they need to get strong enough so it never happens again.  Maybe they are actually on the right path, remember their context is different than yours, and you just can’t see it.  Regardless of where the truth lies, maybe you need to examine why it bothers you so much that someone you love made their own choice.

Respect their path.  Don’t have a context of them being right or wrong, instead know they are doing what works for them, and love their process as much as you do them. 


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