Keep an Open Mind

It’s so easy to stand outside of something and pick out things that are wrong with it, or why it wouldn’t work for you.  The person with the red pen always has the easiest job.  Imagine standing next to a swim lesson saying everything you see wrong.  The second you hop in the pool to try it instead, your world will change.  

You may be absolutely right that you’ll dislike something which you’re watching from the outside.  Or, you may love it the second you jump in.  The fact of the matter is you don’t know until you try.  And by “try” I don’t mean walk in with the attitude that you’re sure you’ll hate it, then only do it halfway.  That’s like jumping in the pool, clinging onto the side and saying you didn’t feel a workout.   By “try” I mean actually do it and then decide. Regardless of what happens it’s a new experience, and as I always encourage from my readers and my clients don’t turn down new experiences.

Keep an open mind.  The only thing you know for sure is that without a truly open mind, it will not work for you.


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