I’ve been speaking with potential clients lately who are in a position of relative comfort.  They go to work and come home with no incidents, and that constitutes a good day.  At least one is even in the same position romantically, they described the person they are with as a “known quantity with minimal problems”.  I asked what they were looking to change and their response was almost defensive.  

It’s amazing how quickly we can get into a position like this when we are at-best comfortable.  Sure it’s nice to not have an incident, but is that really what you want to do with your life?  As a coach I work with people who want to have great days not good days, people who don’t want their best days to be the ones without incident.   It’s from here that you can truly be a success.  Sure you’ll have failures and it will be nerve-wracking at times, but at least you’re living when that happens.

Comfortable?   What else would you like to try on?

One thought on “Comfortable?

  1. Hey Dave…. Remember how I was concerned about financial woes??? Well… My prayers may be answered. I got a call last Monday to interview for a local company. I was skeptical at first… But after rounds of interviews yesterday it sounds like it could be a super fit that throws all my qualifications and past experiences into one great job position PLUS… Adding like 15K onto what I currently make a year. 🙂 :-). The president of the company wants to meet w me. I sent my thank you letters out to those I met with yesterday already !!!!

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