Transformation Isn’t Sexy

Lots of people want to transform.  Transforming means your life changes so you can make more, do more, live more, and never look back.  This is completely valid and exactly what I help my clients do.  Walls broken down are permanent, and your life is never the same.

That being said, the actual transformation isn’t sexy.  It’s work.  It will require you leave your comfort zone, and it may be difficult at times.  For an analogy think of someone who loses 100 pounds.  The “after” picture is certainly worth it, but the transformation time itself is not always pleasant.

I always have to give clients reminders of this.  Transformation is happening and we both know it, but it’s not always easy.   We both want to see it happen, and we will, but don’t expect every minute along the way to be a pleasure.  Remember it’s a process, and love the process for what it is. 

Transformation isn’t sexy.  But it’s always worth it.

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