It’s Never Too Late

I was 32 the first time I really left the country.  I took one trip when I was 20 but didn’t enjoy the culture or the architecture, I was way too closed off to new things back then.  Then one day in 2010, it hit me that there’s an entire world out there I haven’t seen.  Now I’ve been to more countries than a lot of people I meet, even despite the late start.

Just because I waited so long to start, doesn’t mean I can’t be a world traveler. Today I’m going to tell you exactly the same thing. Whatever you wanted to do, or be, or see, it is never too late.  Go start that business, write that book, swim with sharks, or whatever keeps floating into your mind.  There’s likely nothing stopping you so you may want to start sooner than later, but remember it’s never too late.   Get out there and be what you want to be, life is way too short to put great things off.

And on that note I will be gone for another week, this time rafting at the Grand Canyon.  I know it’s not an international trip, but it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to experience so I’m not putting it off any longer.  Catch you in September!

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