Joy Happens in the Moment

I’m back and wow what a trip!  Six days of rafting and camping along the Colorado River was life-changing.  This is a video I made going over one of our first big rapids:

Floating on a raft while walls of very cold, dirty water hit you and all your stuff is probably not everybody’s idea of fun. I’m home sitting on my couch right now with breakfast and I know I wouldn’t welcome it here.  But at the time, I chose to be in the moment, and as you can see the results were thrilling.

Pure joy moments don’t happen all the time, but we can all agree they are worth whatever  “work” it took to get there.  One thing I can guarantee you is that if you’re not living in the moment it won’t happen.  If you’re thinking about your finances, your last ex, your waistline, or whatever is happening in Syria right now, you won’t experience pure joy from there no matter what you’re doing. 

I spend a lot of time with clients helping them be in the moment, what removes them and puts them back, and hopefully now it’s clear why.  One benefit is the ability to feel pure joy, but there’s lots of others too.  


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